Beyond Bread, London

Name: Beyond Bread
Location: 2 Charlotte Place, London, W1T 1SB
Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm / Saturday to Sunday 10am – 4pm

I was really excited when my boss said that she had found a gluten free cafe that was the destination for our next team meeting (2 out of 3 of the team are on a gluten free diet). I looked at the menu well before the meeting to see if the cafe really was 100% gluten free and if it sounded any good – I was really suprised. The website listed a variety of breads only a Coeliac could dream of including Pumpernickel, Sourdough, Brioche and Ciabatta. I then looked further down where danish pastries were listed – DANISH pastries!!!

The day arrived and I couldn’t contain my excitement when I arrived to Beyond Bread. Firstly, I could eat EVERYTHING in the cafe which is very rare if you are Coeliac. Secondly, the choice was fantastic. Loaves to take-away were on display and a huge range of filled sandwiches and cakes were stacked ready to be bought by those who would really appreciate their true goodness.

I picked the Caesar Teaser (free range chicken breast in a creamy ricotta dressing and fresh rocket baguette) – you may think that this was a boring choice but I love chicken caesar and can never get it gluten free out and about. I also asked for mine to be toasted, simply because I could. I had choices that I never thought I would have…well, until I opened my own 100% gluten free place. The sandwich didn’t disappoint – the bread was delicious and didn’t taste like your average gluten free baguette. It was 6 pounds though…I wouldn’t usually pay this but they do have to balance that risk of being 100% gluten free and selling all their specialist goods everyday.

I also couldn’t resist the Strawberry and Custard Danish – it literally glistened as I looked at it and sometimes you just have to give in to your inner child and give it what it wants. It wasn’t as good as the sandwich though because the pastry was quite dense. I do know how to make gluten free pastry and it is difficult. Don’t get me wrong though I would try their pastries again as this could be a one off but I would be lying if I said I died and went to heaven whilst eating it.

What a shame…I will just have to visit again.


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