Bird, London

Name: Bird
Location: 81 Holloway Rd, London, N7 8LT
Hours: Open every day 11am – 11pm

I work on Holloway Road and my colleague mentioned that Bird was opening down the road from the office. Now let me tell you why I was really excited about this: 1. I’m generally an exciteable person 2. I love fried chicken but can never eat it unless I cook it myself 3. I have been recommended this place on so many occassions (as they have another location). So, we put a date in the diary.

When I arrived at Bird on payday Friday it was heaving – always a good sign. Service was fantastic and the waitress was very knowledgable about the menu, she gave recommendations, especially what was gluten free. Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls of the gluten free variety…their fried chicken is gluten free! So, it would be rude not to order fried chicken right? I went for ‘Two pieces’ with ‘Blue cheese’ sauce. I also took on the recommendation of the waitress and went for the ‘Cheesy Korean fries’ (American cheese sauce, house kewpie mayo and gochujang glaze).

The food came really quickly and looked delicious (as seen above). The chicken was beautifully cooked and really tender – the crispy skin melted in the mouth but I went wrong with the blue cheese sauce. Don’t get me wrong…the sauce was delicious but it didn’t go with the chicken (maybe it’s the flavourings in the crispy skin). Overall, the chicken was fantastic.

The ‘Cheesy Korean fries’ also didn’t disappoint – totally gluttonous (I nearly wrote glutenous…which is very very wrong). All I will say about these fries is order them!

Overall, the food was delicious but I was really shocked with the price. My order came to 15 pounds (with a coke and service) – although it was payday (we did chant “payday, payday” when the bill came) I still don’t think I would visit this joint regularly. We left semi-full and at 15 pounds (for lunch) I just think it’s a little overpriced.

But Bird…thanks for bringing gluten free fried chicken to my life!

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