Gluten free Persian kebab

What haven’t I done before? Made Persian kebab.

Ingredients (serves 4 pax / 8 large skewers):
2 x Onions, diced to pulp and strained (I used a chopper and really went for it)
1kg x 20% Minced beef
0.5 x tspn black crushed pepper
1 x tspn table salt (not rock salt)
1 x tspn bicarbonate soda
Ground tumeric

1. Put meat into a large bowl with the onion (that has been strained so there is little juice), pepper, salt, bicarbonate soda and a dusting of tumeric.
2. With gloves mix all the ingredients in the bowl really really well.
3. Put onto skewers (we have flat, really long skewers), evenly spread the meat along the skewer so it’s the length of a dinner plate. Make sure the ends are closed well by pinching the meat to the skewer.
4. BBQ for a couple of minutes on either side (they cook quickly so be careful that you don’t overdo the meat) – you could also grill them if you don’t have a BBQ but they don’t get that smokeyness which really helps the flavour.
5. Serve with raw onion, grilled tomato, salad, rice and yoghurt.

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