Shahla’s gluten free sour plum chicken

What haven’t I done before? Used sour plums (or plums at all) in cooking.

Ingredients (serves 5):
10 x Green sour plums
2kg x Chicken thighs
Handful fresh taragon
Handful fresh thyme
0.5 x Handful fresh oregano
4 x Bay leaves
1 x Fresh chilli, diced
Muscova sugar
0.5 x Glass of wine
0.5 x Glass of water

1. Put plums in a casserole dish (this works really well if they are frozen).
2. Place the chicken evenly on top of the plums.
3. Stuff the fresh herbs under the chicken (they will burn if they are above the chicken).
4. Give the dish a really good sprinking of paprika, add the fresh chilli and the salt & pepper to taste.
5. Put the dish in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees celsius to brown the skin.
6. Then add the wine, water and cover losely with foil. Turn the oven to 180 degrees celsius and add a few good tablespoons of sugar and a really good amount of honey on the chicken. Get a tablespoon and take the juice from the dish and douse the chicken. Cook for 45 minutes.
7. Take the chicken out to rest for 10/15 minutes.
8. Serve with rice, salad and yoghurt.

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