Pizza Union, London


Name: Pizza Union
246-250 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JY
Open 7 days, 11-midnight

After the Cancer Research 10k run on Sunday (to be clear…my boyfriend ran it and I watched whilst eating cake) we decided that ‘we’ deserved a nice pizza. We had heard great things about Pizza Union and had walked past it on numerous occassions. It advertised that it offered gluten free dough which I was very pleased about so knew that I had to just take one for the team and go try it out (I know, I know…hard life).

It’s an order at the till kinda place but I loved this as us gluten haters don’t always get to eat in the trendy, cheap eat places. There were loads of long, high tables to sit at with all those essentials in any pizza restaurant: chilli flakes, chilli oil, oregano etc (I loved that it was all there waiting to be used).

I ordered the Vesuvio (tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, green chillies and cracked chillies – £5.50 + £1 for gluten free dough) on a gluten free base. Please note that they do cook the gluten free pizzas in the same oven as the regular pizza oven – I’m happy with this but you may not be. It was ready in about 5 minutes and it looked like the regular version that my boyfriend ordered. It was just crispy enough, but not burnt, and had a wonderful amount of toppings – there’s nothing worse that a pizza with not enough toppings on! I really enjoyed my pizza and my boyfriend said this could be his new favourite pizza joint – trust me, a bold statement from this pizza lover!

Overall, I love this place and will be going back again soon. The place is cool, it’s quick and easy to order and it does fantastic gluten free pizza. It’s also really really reasonable!

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