Tacotitlan, London


Name: Tacotitlan
Location: 168-175 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE
Website: http://www.tacotitlan.co.uk
Contact number:
07582 030826
Check website for daily opening hours


I’m going to be the first to admit that I have pretty low expectations when it comes to pop-up food stands and the possibility of them having anything gluten free for me to eat. It’s a shame really as I love to try new food and am a huge fan of meeting with friends over lunch to catch-up on the weeks gossip. So, when my boss suggested that we check out the food market on Shoreditch High Street I was a little dubious. It looked really trendy (I know…I was in Shoreditch) and therefore probably full of wonderful glutenous products that I can’t eat but the aromas coming from the stands lured me in (and my boss was already in there scoping out what was on offer).

I started looking around the stands and was a little worried as most of them clearly wouldn’t be suitable for someone following a gluten free diet – the usual pizzas, burgers, fried chicken etc. However, I noticed that one stand, Tacotitlan, had #glutenfree written on a blackboard on their stand…so I went over and investigated. I asked the very friendly guys what they could make gluten free and they replied “everything is gluten free”. I got a little excited!

Here I am in Shoreditch with a really life changing decision on my hands…tacos, enchilladas or quesadillas? (please note that the menu online doesn’t have everything available on the stand). I choose quesadillas with beef. It was the right choice. Why? Because it was a party in my mouth. The beautifully cooked beef covered in melted cheese and then smoothered in guacamole and hot chilli sauce was to die for and the purple corn tacos (which is a new revelation!) just brought the dish together…literally.

I’m going to say this once so you better listen up. Tacotitlan is a gluten free foodies heaven and I suggest you try it soon…like this week. Get down to 168-175 Shoreditch High Street, go and say hello to the lovely guys at the stand and get yourself a party-in-your-mouth taco.



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